Rail Gun Assault Rifle
The rail gun assault rifle was patented in September 2003. The concept has been validated by several independent agencies and other existing patents. The rail gun patent is two phases which consist of a rail gun system which is wire wrapped around a magnetic tube that houses the rails which consist of 2 rails that contain 1 to 3 electrical conducting wire rods. The magnetic tube houses the rail and the coil gun. The coil gun also has two phases. Phase one is five torrid magnets covering their own two turn coils which are wrapped around the magnetic tube. The second phase is 50 or more turns of wire around 12 inches of the magnetic tube. This actually increases the speed of the rail gun and strengthens the magnetic field.

Video 1 shows the computer generated illustrated model of the rail gun.

The rail gun is powered by a high power lithium ion battery cell and two high power state of the art optical switch (which contants capacitor, scr’s, igtbs and inductors). One switch is for the rail gun and the other is for the 2 phase coil gun. The rail gun needs relative high voltage and high current to achieve high speeds, therefore the switching and battery systems is crucial to the rail gun design.

Video 2: shows firing of the rail gun.

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